The swoosh people were right.

Today at work I had to perform a task that I had never done before. As is the case with most things at work, nobody wants to hear “I can’t do it”. The process was fairly easy and I had done different parts of it with other tasks, but the delicate nature if the job was what was giving me heartburn. I asked a few people for input and with most things I do I said “F-it!” and jumped right in with both feet.

People tend to overthink things. We try to find reasons why we can’t do things. Most of the time we do this because we are afraid of failure. We shouldn’t fear failure. It is the ultimate teacher. If we don’t fail, we can’t get better. A majority of the time we know how to do “A”, “C”, and “D” but we get stuck because we don’t know how to do “B”. It’s been my experience that “B” isn’t what’s stopping me from doing something. It’s the fear of the big “L” that is.



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